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Knowledge Services Overview

Knowledge Services

Corporate governance
Corporate governance generally refers to the processes by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account. It encompasses authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control exercised in the organisation.

There is no single model of corporate governance. The “one size fits all” approach is ineffective. There is a need for pluralism, flexibility and adaptability in any corporate governance model.

The OECD has stated, “To remain competitive in a changing world, corporations must innovate and adapt their corporate governance practices so that they can meet new demands and grasp new opportunities”.

The object of good corporate governance principles is to:

  • Enhance organisational performance;

  • Understand and manage risks to minimize the negative aspects and maximize the opportunities;

  • Enhance the public reputation of the entity through enhanced transparency and accountability;

  • Allow entities to demonstrate how they are discharging their legal, ethical and social obligations;

  • Provide a mechanism for benchmarking accountability;

  • Assist in the prevention and detection of fraudulent, dishonest and/or unethical behaviour;

Our consultants are continually updating their knowledge with the latest developments in corporate governance models both in Australia and overseas. We are highly skilled and experienced in organisational reviews aimed at enhancing governance systems.

Organisational development programs including culture change
Our consultants work with clients to provide and implement organisational development programs tailored to their needs.

Strategic planning
Our consultants provide strategic planning guidance, placing heavy emphasis on vision setting, the linking of goals to key performance indicators, ownership of outcomes by participants at all levels and communication of the plan to all personnel in clear and simple terms.

Research and policy analysis
Our team have highly developed skills and experience in researching and developing corrections and detention policy and legislation. We have a track record in developing creative solutions for a wide range of correctional issues. Members of our team have travelled extensively within Australia and Overseas studying corrections and are continually developing their professional knowledge to stay at the leading edge of developments in the fields of criminal justice and corrections.

Operational audit and review
Our operational audit and review team can benchmark client’s practices and procedures against current best practice. As well as highlighting areas for improvement we can provide practical guidance on making the necessary changes. We are experienced in evaluating and reporting upon program outcomes against program objects, including serveying of stakeholders.

Performance monitoring
Our consultants have considerable expertise in the design and implementation of monitoring and operational audit systems. These systems support sound corporate governance and ensure that any duty of care is met, policy intentions are achieved and operational outcomes are in accordance with contracts and approved specifications. This is especially important when out-sourcing arrangements are in place.

Risk management assessment and programs
Our consultants have specialist skills in this area and are experienced at undertaking Risk Management Assessments at both operational and strategic levels.

Our consultants are highly skilled at investigating escapes, deaths in custody, breaches of security, prisoner or detainee incidents and allegations of misconduct. They are experienced in the preparation of detailed reports, recommendations and legal testimony.

Expert witness services
Our consultants are nationally recognised experts in all areas of corrections and detention who are experienced at providing legal testimony and statements for plaintiffs and defendants.

Infrastructure design and development including site planning and project management

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants are able to provide expert guidance with all stages of major infrastructure projects, from the original conceptual design to tendering, construction and commissioning.

Security audits

Our security audit team evaluates facilities and procedures providing clients with comprehensive written reviews highlighting potential weaknesses and risks and recommending appropriate remedies.

Facility operating models

Our consultants will work with you to develop, improve or evaluate centre operating models including recommending staff establishments, roster design and roster management systems.

Out-sourcing of correctional and detention services
Managing Director Keith Hamburger, in his role as Director General of Corrective Services in Queensland, led the introduction of private sector correctional operators into Australian corrections. In Addition, he led the bid team that successfully competed against private sector operators for the design, build and management contract for the Woodford Correctional Centre in Queensland. He was consultant Team Leader for a successful project to re-tender the privtely managed and operated Junee Correctional Centre in New South Wales. He has extensive experience in working with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs in relation to that department's outsourced detention services contract.

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